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Welcome, here is The Lee Lab at SNUCM.




We are creating new therapeutic proteins. Our research is focused on the creation of new therapeutic proteins based on the understanding of disease. 

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Recent publications

CK Kang et al., J Med Virol (IF: 20.693)

JY Kim et al., Front in Immunol (IF: 8.786)

CK Kang et al., BMC Medicine (IF: 11.150)

PG Choe et al., Journal of Infectious Diseases (IF: 7.759)

CK Kang et al., Front in Immunol (IF: 8.786)

JY Park et al., Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (IF:17.638)

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(0913) 개인기초 중견연구 선정

(0630) KDDF 과제 선정

(0606) 31기 의과학과 학부연구생 선정

( 5월 ) 서울대병원 Global Excellence (GE) center 선정

병원 중심 면역세포유전자 치료 개발

(책임자: 강형진 교수)

(0419) 2023년 혁신 신약 과제가 선정되었습니다.

(0401) 서울대학교 기초-병원임상 과제가 선정되었습니다.

Prof. Chang-Han Lee

Department of Pharmacology

College of Medicine

Seoul National University

Contact us


The Lee Lab opens all positions, postdoctoral research fellow, graduate students, and technician. 

To apply the position, please send your CV and personal statement (Korean or English) to

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